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Pracownia Projektowa Archimac Michał Małolepszy

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Development of multi-branch conceptual designs,construction design  and executive design



  • investment program concepts

    we prepare concepts and plans in 3D space which provides  a simple and clear way  to read the project and even exploring the future investment i


  • typical projects adaptations 


  •   existing buildings reconstruction 


  • construction permits legalization


  • land development projects


  •   cubature designs:

    • single-family houses
    • residential buildings,,
    • public buildings
    • industrial buildings, production halls


  •  interior designs


  •  passive buildings

    we try to use the latest solutions in the field of thermal protection of buildings such as: mechanical ventilation ( recuperation), heat pumps,  latest technologies and building materials eliminating thermal bridges, adjusting roof of the building for the best efficiency of photovoltaic panels



  •   advertising boards and folders


  •  visualizations-renders, models and animations of the planned investment


  • construction cost estimates





Formal and legal matters of the investment process



  • obtaining a decision on building conditions  (warunki zabudowy)


  • obtaining technical conditions for connecting the investment to the technical network facilities (sewage electricity water gas)


  • representing the investor (as a proxy)  before the office during the process of obtaining a building permit


  • obtaining all necessary documents - arrangements and opinions


  • conservation and archaeological arrangements and decisions


  •  expertise and technical opinions


  • de-cultivation of the plot procedure


  • architect supervision over the investment







Preliminary design work


  • analysis of the absorbency of the area and the suitability of the area for the planned investment:

    we prepare comprehensive analyzes, with guidelines of administrative and legal conditions, including building conditions and Local Spatial Development Plans - MPZP, allowing to determine the directions and possibilities of building a plot and to initially estimate investment costs


  • development of technical expertise


  • assistance in soil geotechnical surveys and preparation of design map data 


  •  reports on the environmental impact of investments and environmental decisions

    we  prepare a set of documents  to obtain a decision on the environmental conditions


  • parcel division concepts


  • building conditions (warunki zabudowy)

    we prepare architectural concepts and analysis of the investment area together with documentation necessary to obtain a decision on building conditions


  •  inventories 


  • plot insolation analysis, plot shading analysis, overriding analysis:



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