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Interior designer, Interior design - Szczecin, Stargard


Design objective - A properly designed interior not only reflects the individual character of a given space, but also reflects the personality of its users, or, as in the case of residential interiors, the dynamics of life of the household members.

Among the multitude of factors determining both the functional and visual side of the interior, the materials and colors used are of significant importance, which apart from the natural side of building the hygge and warmth of a given place, allow for the creation of an image at the highest aesthetic and visual level


Timeless effect - Contemporary trends set by pioneers in the subject of interior design and arrangement cause its evolution in new, often surprising directions. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to properly and skillfully select both the elements of the decor and the composition of materials, so as to create a timeless design based on stylistic solutions that are not so indiscriminately succumbing to constantly changing trends.


Implementation - Creating an interior design requires a deep analysis of the topic. Properly planned space, that makes the interior attractive to the recipient not only visually, but also functionally, depends on many factors that are good to know at an early stage in order to properly outline the directions of possible solutions. This is how are created sketches that opens up the discussion to the final project.


Target - Space arrangement include the creation of photorealistic visualizations for proper demonstration of an investment interiors (apartments, houses, premises, etc.) that may be one of the elements of promotion for development investments. Properly visualized interiors show the possibilities in arrangement of space, and also creates in imagination the visual perception of the investment by filling an apparently empty space with content, or simply proposing specific solutions. It is often a given response to specific expectations of the viewer.

Area of activity - The dynamically changing world, new tools and possibilities allow an interior architect to create interior designs not only in Szczecin and its vicinity (Stargard, Police, Świnoujście, Kamień Pomorski, Kołobrzeg, Koszalin) but in almost any place, both in the country and abroad.



  • We develop conceptual, construction and executive designs using  software - the leading 3d BIM software for architects Graphisoft Archicad, enabling work in a 3d environment from the beginning of the design process to its completion.


  • We provide comprehensive support for the entire investment process, including handling all formal and legal matters of investments on behalf of the investor


  • Knowledge and experience - our proven design team is made up of designers with the right to design without restrictions for over 10 years


  • We use modern design solutions - we follow the latest trends in construction technologies on an ongoing basis, we use new, but proven materials and construction solutions.


  • We attach great importance to ecological and economic aspects of investments, we make sure that the building we design meets the high requirements related to energy saving.

Do you need an architect in Szczecin or in the region ?  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Archimac design studio.

We prepare  architectural designs for the construction, reconstruction, extension and adaptation of various objects, as well as interior design. The individual approach to  client combined with the experience I have gained as an architect over the years of work allows us to achieve the expected results of cooperation.

We care about your expectations.
We have the competence of an architect, interior designer and supervisor of the entire investment process, along with obtaining the necessary documents - permits, arrangements, opinions.

The task of the architect is not only to create a functionally and visually appropriate design, but also to ensure that it is properly and legally implemented.

Each architect and interior architect within our team works competently and meticulously, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We provide architect services throughout the country, but especially in Szczecin and Stargard

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the offer!


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